Trina (riais) wrote in xmenreversebang,

The Immortal Heart (Charles/Erik, PG)

Art Prompt Title: 1002
Art Masterpost: Here
Artist: Brilcrist

Fic Title: The Immortal Heart (LINK COMING SOON)
Author: riais
X-Men Verse: XMFC
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, Raven, Hank, Shaw, Logan
Rating: PG
Word Count: +7000
Warnings: Some violence

When Prince Erik encounters a stranger in shock on the edges of the forest, he offers his home as shelter, intrigued.  Erik is so entranced by the stranger's presence that he devotes his time to wooing said stranger, though often rebuffed. He's more isolated than he thinks in this empty castle, and there's something about his new guest that is more than human.

What exactly is so compelling about Charles, Erik hasn't a clue. What he also doesn't know is that this may be the end of a journey for his stranger and the companions he travels with, but it is only the beginning for Erik's own future once his guests have found what they are searching for.

(Based on Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn)
Tags: !round 3 entry, - pairing: erik/charles, - rating: pg

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