Elsian (elsian) wrote in xmenreversebang,

Walking On Shattered Glass

Art Prompt Title: 1021
Art link: here
Artist: elsian

Fic Title: Walking on Shattered Glass
Author: tardisflower
X-Men Verse: XMFC
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, Erik, Charles, Sebastian Shaw,
Raven, Angel, Emma Frost, Janos, Azazel.
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 9181
Warnings: Major Character Injury, Minor Character Loss, Some
Descriptions of Violence

Summary: Erik kept his powers a complete secret from everyone he ever
knew, and it worked out well. He landed a nice job, lived in a modest
apartment, and even managed to find a boyfriend. But it all changed
when his mother was shot on her way home from work one night and
everything turns upside down. Now, Erik dons a mask and the name
Magneto at night, vowing not to stop roaming the streets of New York
until his mother's killer is dead. But hunting the killer might cost
more than he had originally bargained for.
Tags: !round 3 entry, - pairing: erik/charles, - rating: r

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