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The Robber Barons - Charles/Erik

Art Prompt Title: 1004
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: ginogollum

Fic Title: The Robber Barons
Author: alernun
X-Men Verse: X-Men Movieverse
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik + Background Raven/Logan, Klaus Schmidt/Emma Frost
Rating: R
Word Count: 30789
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Major Character Death; Period Appropriate Homophobia,Racism and Anti-semitism; Drug Use; References to Past Child Abuse;

Summary: London, 1811. Kurt Marko, desperate and in debt, blackmails Charles into stealing a diamond necklace from a notorious weapons dealer, using his knowledge of his stepson's homosexuality as leverage. The job sends Charles down a path of crime, tragedy, and ardent passion, into the arms of an ambitious railroad tycoon from Berlin with a lot to prove.
Tags: !round 3 entry, - pairing: erik/charles, - rating: r

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