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introspect (charles/erik, t)

Art Prompt Title: 1019
Art link: here
Artist: luna2k

Fic Title: introspect
Author: skylights
X-Men Verse: Movie 'verse
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: T
Word Count: 26k
Warnings: Descriptions of graphic violence


Charles has run this con before. The long con, Hank likes to call it, even though Charles still sometimes tries to think of con as being the shortened form of confession. After all, isn’t truth one of the most solid bases to build a lie on? Because there is always some semblance of truth here, in the tangents and fragments, Charles never straying too far from the set narrative.

This is a dream. This is a choice. This is you, with your memories weighing you down.

("So tell me, Charles." There's a newfound determination in Erik's gaze when he turns towards to Charles, a sharpness there that Charles had only seen shadows of beforehand. "Tell me how you're going to wake me up.")
Tags: !round 3 entry, - pairing: erik/charles, - rating: pg-13

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