WeHo M. (afrocurl) wrote in xmenreversebang,
WeHo M.

Final Announcements

Posting will start shortly!

Now, for posting authors and artists please make sure you have checked out the following posts: Posting Instructions and Posting Schedule. If someone comes up in these two weeks and neither artist no author can post, please let us know (either via email or a pm to both of us) and we'll help you/work out a solution.

WE NOW HAVE AN AO3 COLLECTION! When posting your story to AO3 please add it to the X-Men Reverse Bang Round Three Collection. If you would like to post your story to AO3 but don't have an account please drop a comment in this post, I have invitations I would love to give to people ;D

You DO need to be a member of the community to post here. So if you are making the post to the community please make sure you are a member. If you are a member and have trouble posting please feel free to email the mod account and I will do our best to help.

When posting to the community please tag your entry appropriately. All posts need to be tagged with: !round 3 entry, as well as pairing and rating tags. If you can not find a tag for your pairing please wait, we will add one for you!

Finally, if you want to announce the start of posting in your journal/blog/tumblr please feel free to grab one of the promotion banners here.
Tags: !mod post, !round 3

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