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Posting Instructions

Thank you to all the artists, authors, and pinch hitters who have taken part in this challenge! It's now almost time to post!!!

In the days leading up to your scheduled posting date PLEASE get in contact with your author/artist to plan how you are going to post. The posting schedule can be viewed here.

We would like Authors AND Artists to make a Master Post to their journals (one for the fic, one with the art) and provide each other with the links. For Artists we want you to have a place that you can get feedback on your art. Authors are more than welcome to include the art in their story, but the Artist's Master Post is so Artists can get praise too for their work. For Authors we want a place on your journal people can go to be navigated to the fic (whether you decide to host in on your journal, on an archive, or somewhere else). This master post needs to LINK to the story and each part in the story if there are multiple parts.

Posting to your journal/site/archive:
You will be posting your art and fic to either your own journal or a site or archive of your choice. You will not be posting the works directly to this community.

We will give you the heading information we want you to fill out for your post to the community but you are welcome to change around yours. Here are the basics:
- We want you to link back to the reverse bang AND to your artist/author and their post
- Don't friends lock your post. If the place you post to is locked or might be locked in the future we suggest posting your story to an unlocked community or Archive of Our Own. If you do not have an AO3 account and would like an invite please ask for one at this post. We want everyone to be able to access the works without having to friend anyone or join anything. Also, in the future we want links to still work for people.
- If you would like to post your art/fic in before your posting day please LOCK it for your eyes only and only unlock it when you're ready to post to the community.

Posting to the community
Posting is moderated so once you post to the community, as long as you follow the guidelines and your links to work, we'll approve the post.

When posting make sure the subject line of the post reads - Title (Characters/Pairings, rating) - for example - Serenity (Charles/Erik, R)

When it is your posting date please use the following template to post to the community:


Art Prompt Title: - Refers to your art prompt number and the original picture you claimed/were inspired by (if you don't have those please check the match up post). Any additional art should be found at the Master art post.

Please keep Author/Artist notes, disclaimers, and other things to the actual fic/art posts. This will help prevent master posts to this community from getting too lengthy or cluttered.

Banners are allowed in the master post so long as they no larger than 400px in width. If they exceed this the post will be rejected.

If you have any questions at all about posting please ask them here or email us at xmenreversebang@gmail.com.
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