WeHo M. (afrocurl) wrote in xmenreversebang,
WeHo M.

Round 3 Posting Schedule

Here is the posting schedule for Round 3 of the xmenreversebang! (it's listed artist - author). Posting instructions will be coming up after this.

Sunday, February 1st

nostalgickitty & sophie_bee
pallorsomnium & afrocurl

Monday, February 2nd

alby_mangroves & ladyc03
spacealtie & kalinda_99

Tuesday, February 3rd

lelouchslove & resistsanctuary
alby_mangroves & elenothar

Wednesday, February 4th

cheezybananaz & bad_peppermint
lady_date & arcapelago

Thursday, February 5th

shadowkatz & bad_peppermint
rohnoc & drizzlydaze

Friday, February 6th

pandamani & nostalgickitty
luna2k & blurmeese

Saturday, February 7th

avictoriangirl & butterynutjob
cheezybananaz & fleuraelis

Sunday, February 8th

imera & agenttrojie
shigia & ximeria

Monday, February 9th

karon_chan & sophia_bee
riais & scarcrow3

Tuesday, February 10th

sorujaa & coucourfeyrac
elsian & tardisflower

Wednesday, February 11th

scarabsethart & kageillusionz
avictoriangirl & knowmefirst

Thursday, February 12th

brilcristzzz & riais
alby_mangroves & @bonesci

Friday, February 13th

ginogollum & alernun
riais & afrocurl

Saturday, February 14th

chocolattea121 & pangeasplits
keire_ke & black__betty and ikeracity

Please email the mod account if you see any problems as of now. This list was created with only the authors' input.
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