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WeHo M.

Round 3 Sign Ups: Fic and Art Betas

If you don't have the time to (or can't) create art or fic and still would like to take part in this challenge you can sign up as a beta for Art and/or fic for the X-Men Reverse Bang.

Please note: Authors are required to have their work checked by a beta reader, though it doesn't necessarily have to be someone on this list. Artists are not required to have their work beta-checked, but it is recommended.

Sign ups for Betas will remain open.

So how do I sign up?

You sign up by leaving a comment on this entry. Betas will not be assigned for this challenge, but authors and artists will be able to look through the comments on this post to find you. In order to make this as straight-forward and easy as possible, we ask that you copy/paste the following form into your comment and fill it out:


LJ username:
Contact me through: (email - leave your email address, PM, or other)

I am willing to beta:
Type: Fic and/or Art
X-Men Verse(s):
Ratings and Warnings:
Characters and Pairings:

I am NOT willing to beta:
Ratings and Warnings:
Characters and Pairings:

For Fic betas:

For art betas:
I am willing to beta the following mediums:

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