WeHo M. (afrocurl) wrote in xmenreversebang,
WeHo M.

Round 3 Sign Ups: Authors

This is the post for people who would like to write a story for the X-Men Reverse Bang.

Art will go up for claims on a first come, first served basis on November 8th, 2014. Once an author has claimed an art prompt they need to write 5,000 words or more of a complete story by January 10th, 2015. (There will be a mandatory check-in for authors that starts December 1st, 2014).

All fics need to be beta'd before they are posted, authors can find a beta on their own or at the beta sign up post.

Posting of the final products will be on a staggered schedule, and will begin on February 1st, 2015.

Sign ups for Authors DO NOT close, they will be open up until the day the claims post is made.

For additional information and rules pleas read the FAQ. If you have any questions please ask them there.

To sign up as an author please comment with the following:

If you rather not leave your email please email it to xmenreversebang@gmail.com.
Tags: !round 3, !sign ups

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