February 10th, 2015

Roads Are Uneven (When You're Down) || Charles/Erik

Art Prompt Title: 1011
Art link: 01 & 02
Artist: sorujaa

Fic Title: Roads Are Uneven (When You're Down)
X-Men Verse: Mostly XMFC with a bit of the Marvel-616 & the original movieverse mixed in
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik + Background Irene/Raven & Alex/Darwin (plus some hints of Moira/Sean)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 14,480
Warnings: Blindness, PTSD, Panic/Anxiety attacks

Summary/Prompt: Charles is blind and needs someone to give his guide dog the attention it deserves while he struggles through the last weeks of working on his thesis/grading assignments during final etc. Luckily, his friend Moira knows just the right person.
Enters Erik, who's not that happy to be on dog walking duty, but he did owe Moira a favor, so...

Artist's Note: This has been my first XMRB and it's also been what I feel is my first real fandom experience as part of the XMFC/DOFP fandom. All the thanks and cookies to my AMAZING author Coucourfeyrac, for being so enthusiastic about my prompt and writing this wonderful story on such a short notice. It's been really fun working with you, let's do this again :D