January 1st, 2015

XM - Show me yours

How to Turn in Your Story

Stories are due Friday, January 10th, just nine days away!

To turn in your story please follow these instructions:

Email to xmenreversebang@gmail.com

Subject line Fic - Prompt # - Username - Complete/Incomplete (make sure you put which one applies to your fic)

Body of the email:
LJ Username:
Piece Number:
Artist LJ Name:

Title of story:
Word count of your story so far:
Anticipated word count: (just a ballpark figure is fine)
Percentage complete:
How much time do you need to get it beta’d:
List pairings(s) or whether it is Gen:

Days you can't post between February 1st to February 14th?

The last part will be used to put together the posting schedule. Posting will be start February 1st and run till the 14th with 2-3 stories/arts being posted each day.

The posting schedule will be put up at least a week before posting to give everyone time to get ready (posting instructions will go up after).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your story is currently unfinished please take this time to try to finish it. We expect all stories to be at 100% (beta’d not required until posting).

While we will still accept stories that are incomplete it will be on a case to case basis. With stories that are significantly under word count/percentage we are more likely to assign a pinch hitter. This won’t be automatic and we will do our best to work with you. At the end of the day though we want to make sure every art piece has a completed story posted for it within the posting period.

If you have any questions are concerns please leave a comment here or email us.