December 1st, 2014

XM - the old gang

Round 3: Author Check-In (MANDATORY)

Please fill out the following by December 8th (that gives you a week). If you haven't checked in by then we will try to contact you by email and PM. If you have not heard back from you by the end of that week (Friday December 12th) then we will reassign your prompt to a pinch hitter.

Right now nothing is due to us (you still have until January 10th to complete your rough draft). This is just to see that authors are on track and to determine if we need pinch hitters (and give them the time to work if we do).

Authors and artists, make sure you are a member of this community and are watching it. Keep in mind if you need additional support, a place to vent or talk about your story, please join xmrb_support.